Planters for any size plot, customized to your needs. Precision with versatility for any application. Ease of operation to increase your efficiency.

Kincaid has been manufacturing planters and drills for 40 years. We have our standard 3-Point Planter, Model 70 Grain Drill, JD 4 row Precision Cone Planter, Custom Cone Plot Planers, Retrofit Cones, and Twin Finger Pickup Planter.

Custom cone planters are available utilizing both John Deere MaxEmergePlus® and Kinze® Evolution Series row units in 2 to 8 rows and variable row widths.

Kincaid research Drill Seeders can meet a variety of needs from conventional tillage to no-till. Whether your needs are for native grass, legumes, cereals or soybeans, we can tailor a Drill Seeder for your particular application.

Retrofit cones are available for most commercial brands of planters.

All Kincaid planters, drills and retrofit cones whether standard or customized, give precision and versatility for any application, and durability for many years of service.

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