Kincaid JD 4 Row Precision Cone Planter

Kincaid JD 4 Row Precision Cone Planter utilized the 7200 standard drawn John Deere planter in their popular MaxEmerge2 series, and customizes it with features you have requested. This Kincaid planter combines convenience and comfort in a one person operation! The tool bar’s unique design hinges to reduce width to 6’2”, for easy transporting. This planter can adapt to plant one 4-row plot, four 1-row plots, or two 2-row plots. Also available as a 2 row planter!


  • Height: 8' 9"
  • Length Drawn: 13.6"
  • Width Unfolded: 11' 2"
  • Width Folded: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 3190 lbs
  • Toolbar: 7" x7"
  • MaxEmerge2 Row Units
  • Rows: 4 Rows Wide; 30" Narrow
  • Monitor: Computer Trak 150
  • Tru-Vee Closing Wheels
  • Tru-Vee Double Disc Row Openers and Depth Cotnrol Adjustment
  • Hydraulic Markers: Automatic Alternating with Breakway Protection
  • Drives: Double Pitch Roller Chain with a Central Seed Transmission. For transport, manual drive wheel disconnects to reduce wear on chain and idler. Tires are 7.60-15.