The Kincaid 8-XP is a Multi-Crop Research Plot Combine. This machine combines high capacity and rugged construction with excellent cleanout. It can be equipped with a 1.5, 2.0 or 2.3 meter grain table, 2 – row all-crop (sunflowers, sorghum, soybeans) or with a 2-row corn head. Other options include rape extension, pick-up attachements, sunflower pans, air delivery, air return, data collection, sample collection, sample collection accessories and custom design. With over 200 of these machines being used in the U.S. and Canada since 1993 (in crops from Canola through Corn), this plot combine has a proven track record as best in its class.

The standard 2 PERSON FACTORY CAB is 85 cubic ft., pressurized, with 83 dba noise level. The design is unsurpassed in this class of machine. Spacious and comfortable, it's centrally mounted to give an excellent view of the table, as well as good all-around visibility for easy maneuvering in test plots. All major controls are positioned to the right, leaving the left hand free to steer the combine. The controls operate with ease and precision. Cylinder speed, concave clearance, table and reel adjustments can all be selected from the operator's seat. The 3-speed transmission gives control over power and speed with a hydrostatic drive that operates in all 3 gears.

Why the Kincaid 8XP over the Competitors Brands

Versatility for Multi Crop

  • The ability to adjust from canola to corn in a matter of minutes
  • Adjustable concave, cylinder speed, fan speed from cab for multi crop operation.
  • Quick attach Headers for every crop, one man operation.
  • Straw walkers, competitors have none, straw walkers allow for trashier plots to be cleaned without extra trash in the plot sample.

Sight and Visibility

  • The 45 sq ft of tinted glass allows for maximum sight of plots and objects.

Drive Train

  • Three speed Hydrostatic Transmission with Hydraulic/Disc Break
  • 15 mph Road Gear, compared to Competitors 11 MPH
  • Heavy Duty 4 wheel Drive, Hydraulic Drive, No breaking Drive axles

Harvest Capabilities

  • The commercial design of the combine added with research technologies allow for the most accurate samples at high rates of speed
  • No other combine can harvest corn or weedy plots as fast as the 8xp and return a clean sample to the cab or bin
  • Border crops can be harvested at 5mp with the Kincaid air or paddle delivery system.
  • Large 48-bushel Capacity grain Tank can handle multiple crops with unloading auger that can reach semi trailers and large gravity wagons, compared to competitor’s small tanks and augers
  • Air Foil Sieves allow for cleaner samples when harvesting at faster speed
  • Regulated plots can be tested and destroyed without delay from the grinder

8xp Options

  • Kincaid Equipment has every option for every customer; Custom designs for each combine can be achieved without breaking the bank
  • Our Dedicated engineers and sales team are willing to go the extra mile to build a combine that fits your custom research needs

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