Foundation Seed Combines

The Kincaid Comia large plot combines have numerous improved features from the Kincaid-23 and Kincaid-25 large plot combines of the past.

Kincaid- 2000 Series Combines

First and foremost is engine horsepower and operator comfort. These new combines offer horsepower in a range from a 115 hp 4-cylinder diesel to a 175 hp 6-cylinder turbo diesel. The engines are mounted behind and above the grain bin for ease of service, and keeping them away from most of the harvesting dust and debris. A rotating clean air intake suction screen with vacuum wand keeps the screen chaff and trouble free.


Operator Cab


The operator comfort is rated best in its class with the modern curved panorama windshield, which dampens noise much more efficiently than the previous standard model. The cab is also more spacious, and the new multi-function operation lever makes driving very enjoyable. This single lever features all the following functions: Direction/Speed, Table Height, Reel Height, Reel Speed, Reel Fore/Aft, and Unloading Auger Swing-out. The new single lever can also be moved to the desired position in an up/down/sideways motion to better suit the operator. This cab is optional on all models. The Kincaid Comia standard cab has also been further improved with built-in working lights and the hydrostatic drive lever can be adjusted for both height and side-to-side for operator comfort.


Cutting Table


An all-new table auger is available for all cutting tables 13′ and larger. It features retractable feeding fingers all across the length of the auger as compared to just in front of the Feederhouse. This new design greatly helps the in-feed of cereal and native grass crops. The sickle drive has been changed from a pitman drive to a wobble box for greater life on all 13′ and larger tables.


Return Auger


The post-threshing auger is more efficient due to the addition of a gear drive and the threshing plates have been roughened for better threshing. This feature is available as an option.


Rotary Screen Air Intake


A new air intake screen rotates along with a “vacuum cleaner” device that sucks off most of the debris, which insures clean air to the radiator. The width of the screen has been reduced so it does not protrude from the combine and is standard equipment on both models of combines.




Easy to read and operate are still the standard for adjustments on the Kincaid Comia series combines. Keep it simple; that is the rule. Easy to read in-cab gauges and combine adjustments are just that. All combine standard settings for each crop are just a glance away on the right hand side cab glass and are located in the sieve area as well. No need to carry a notebook or manual to make adjustments.


  • Engine Horsepower: 115, 130, 150 & 175 hp sizes to choose from
  • Combine Type: Cereal or Corn options
  • Rear Axles: Standard, Adjustable & 4wd
  • Cab Styles: Standard Cab with Heat/AC, Deluxe Cab w/Curved Front Glass
  • Header Sizes: 10′ (3.1m), 11’3″ (3.45m), 12’9″ (3.9m), 13’9″ (4.2m), 14’6″ (4.5m)
  • Straw Chopper: Standard, Hi-Speed, Hi-Speed Corn; all can be disengaged for windrowing
  • Corn Heads: 3-Row, 4-Row, 6-Row
  • Sunflower Heads: 3-Row, 4-Row, 6-Row
  • Pickup Attachments: A size to fit each header width
  • Data Collection Systems: Able to install customer’s preferred in data collection system
  • Tire Sizes: Several front/rear tire combinations available