Planters for any size plot, customized to your needs. Precision with versatility for any application. Ease of operation to increase your efficiency. All Kincaid planters whether standard or customized, give precision and versatility for any application, and durability for many years of service.

Voltra Precision Planters product

Designed for all types of uses and all seed types. We specialize in putting seed into the ground. GPS controlled precision electric drive vacuum planters for the top tier in planting capabilities. With nearly infinite customizable options the Voltra can meet the needs of any researcher. With capability to plant canola to corn to peanuts this machine really can do it all, also available as a retrofit kit on most existing research planters or commercial planter upgrades.


  • Hydraulically adjustable toolbar from 15-40” row spacing
  • Insecticide treatment options
  • Several in-furrow & side by side application options
  • Self leveling seed distributors
  • Bulk seed option
  • Pull type or 3-point
  • Multi-product cannister system for liquid treatments
  • Bulk dry & liquid options

Kincaid 7000 Series Cone Planters product

Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. This planter is a workhorse through and through designed for years of use with minimal upkeep. Machined cones keep you in business with ability to setup for cable trip, manual trip or GPS tripping technology.


  • 8″ 20 Cell Cone
  • 12″ 32 Cell Cone

Retrofit Cones product

Can be installed on most popular commercial brands of planters. From the smallest grass seed or fertilizer to large seeds such as legumes, our belt cones and cell cones can meet your needs for an accurate dependable planting system. All of our cones are available with solenoid type trip and clear seed cups in various sizes. These cones can also be purchased with a universal base that can be used for your custom application.


  • 8″ 20 Cell Cone
  • 12″ 32 Cell Cone
  • 6″ Belt Cone
  • 10″ Belt Cone

Kincaid Push Planter products

Use on small test plots, our Kincaid 1 Row Push Planter offers you the same benefits and accuracy of larger machines which are unusable due to space limitations with different sizes of planter cones available, a variety of seeds may be planted. Standard equipment includes aluminum seed cup (manual trip) and row marker.


Adjustments Row Lenghts
Chain and Sprocket Min. 5 Ft. / Max. 50 Ft.
Zero-Max Drive Min. 4 Ft. / Max. Unlimited