Seed Drills

No Till Seed Drills or Conventional tillage.

We can tailor a seed drill for your application. Kincaid research Drill Seeders can meet a variety of farming needs. Whether your working with grains, native grass, legumes, cereals or soybeans, choosing the right seed drill from the right company can define your harvest.

500 & 600 Series Plot Seed Drills

Another best in class from Kincaid, with the rugged renowned reliability of a Great Plains seed drill exclusively with Kincaid research modifications. Compact seeding drill includes all the proven min-till and no-till features found only on larger drills, but in a compact design. The result is a superior seed placement and solid stand in applications that range from seed research plots, reclamation research projects, to native grass studies.


  • 6” & 7 ½ “ row spacing
  • 6” to 12” cell and belt cones
  • Single or multiple cone applications
  • Manual or GPS trip seed cups
  • Zero – Max Adjustable Plot Lengths
  • Operation Platforms with Seat and Seed Tray
  • 2-11 row spinner distributor heads
  • Adjustable row markers
  • Large seed Box for bulk seeding
  • Small seed box for legumes and small seed
  • Native Grass Box with Agitator
  • Press wheel depth control with T-handle adjustment
  • Heavy duty disc bearings and blades
  • Reliable Ground Drive metering system
  • Variable speed electric motor drive option
  • 3-point or pull type
  • Fluted Coulters on No-Till Models
  • Liquid fertilizer option