Twin Plot Combines

Kincaid is the undisputed leader in Twin Plot Harvesting. We have split hundreds or machines over the years. We specialize in New Holland TR & CR twin plot combines but have also split Massey Ferguson Comia & John Deere combines with our proven design. Our diversified, experienced engineers and manufacturing capabilities uniquely position us to meet the needs of our customers making our splits the best in the industry.

Kincaid MF-7345S product

Developed from the ground up to meet the needs of the ever growing, fast paced research industry. Kincaid has been the leader in twin plot technology for over a decade. With our experienced engineering team and custom manufacturing capabilities we have developed the fastest most reliable twin plot combine on the market.


  • Kincaid Positive Displacement Blower System – Contamination has been virtually eliminated between plots.
  • Kincaid Conveyor Shoe – Faster grain delivery underneath the cylinder and concave, which allows for faster plot times and faster clean out.
  • Kincaid Internal Split – Allows for virtually no cross contamination from side to side.
  • Kincaid Roller Grinder – Davis – Destructs all seed at a high rate of speed to allow for fast combining of regulated plots.
  • In-Cab Controls – Many in-cab control options that work in conjunction with customer preferred data collection system.
  • Precision air locks provide constant metered grain into the pneumatic system.

New Holland Split TR and CR Combines product

Having split over 100 New Holland TR and CR combines in the past years has set us apart in twin-plot technology. Our experienced engineering staff and manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver a reliable and field ready combine that meets the customer’s demands. Cross contamination is virtually eliminated with our proven design – the best in the industry.


  • Air Delivery – Fastest Delivery times available, fewest moving parts of any split, no cross augers or delivery elevators, no opportunity for plot-to-plot contamination.
  • Dual air locks mounted under the modified shoe provide decreased cycle times.