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Kincaid provides 24/7 tech support during harvest season. Our experienced staff will get you back up and running with as little down time as possible. You can contact one of our technicians by calling 1-800-854-7287.


Pre-Harvest Support


Kincaid offers pre-harvest support, call to schedule a service tech to come out and get your equipment ready for the harvest season.
It is a good time to get out the manual and refresh your memory on SAFETY! If your manual is worn or lost, please contact us to get a replacement. If warning and safety decals are worn or missing, replace them. Make sure guards have been replaced before operating the combine. It is easy to get in a hurry, take a shortcut, and regret it after getting hurt. Take SAFETY seriously!



  • Clean diesel fuel is critical to maintaining good performance from fuel injectors.
  • Replace the air filter at the beginning of harvest season and clean daily.
  • It is recommended that engine oil and filter be changed at least annually, and more often depending on engine hours and operating conditions.


Check all fluid levels before starting the combine the first time of the season. Look for signs of leaks. Use proper replacement fluids if levels are found to be low. Review the frequency various fluids should be checked during operation of the combine in your manual.


Clean the combine out before starting. Even if you cleaned it last season before putting it away, who knows how many families of mice have taken up residence and built condominiums in the shelter of your combine. Check for foreign objects before starting the combine. Making sure the area is clear, start the engine and run at a fast idle for about 3 minutes. Watch the oil pressure and alternator warning lights. Carefully engage the threshing mechanism. Raise the RPM to normal level, observing the function of the threshing machinery. Disengage the threshing mechanism. Drive the combine to a suitable open place. Move the gear lever to neutral and engage the parking brake. Stop the engine and remove the key to prevent an unauthorized person from starting it. Do not open or remove guards until the engine is stopped.


Open all the cleaning doors. Remove the sieve and clean it. Clean the supporting structure for the shaker shoe. Clean the straw walker bottoms. Run the combine threshing machinery for 2 to 3 minutes with the cleaning fan at maximum speed and pushing the direction lever to and fro, lift and lower the cutting table to the ground without starting it, then stop the threshing machinery. Check the grain pan is empty, clean if necessary. Check the for grain around the conveyor and chain housing, remove any found. Clean the cutting table. Remove the auger in the bottom of the grain tank and brush out the trough. Clean the unloading pipe by agitating and turning the auger by hand. Replace all of the parts removed properly and close doors.
Review the Service and Maintenance section of your manual. You will find a list of items to check, lubricate and possibly adjust. The list includes cutting knife, table, belts, chains, cylinder/concave, air conditioning, brakes, filters and electrical controls and some other things.


Check lights and warning lights for proper operation.


Set the threshing adjustments for the crop conditions you expect. Guidelines are found in the manual and posted in the cab. This includes the cylinder/concave clearance and cleaning fan settings. You may need to change a sheave, depending on whether you need a very slow or normal cylinder speed.


Review the proper operation, service and maintenance of the combine with any persons who will be running it.


This is a brief summary of items to consider, but does not attempt to cover all the items contained in your equipment manual. A thorough inspection and service job before going to the field will help minimize downtime in the field and better harvesting performance. Contact us if you need any service parts such as belts, filters and bearings. We provide servicing and repair inspection for combines in our plant, if you would like for us to check out your machine to see what improvements might boost its performance.


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